The cornerstone of our success is our commitment to offer top service in accordance with the legislation that is tailored to the wishes and needs of our clients

We provide all customers with full support in solving problems during their business operations by providing professional discretion and trust. Our company has all the necessary approvals and licenses for work-for providing legal services.

Our company offers the following legal services:
  • Preparation of documentation, contracts and complaints for our clients;
  • Preparation of lawsuits, appeals and other complaints to protect the interest of the client’s company;
  • Representing the clients in the courts all over the country;
  • Legal opinions and legal advices for all procedures and before all institutions;
  • Mediation in arbitration proceedings conducted by arbitration institutions;
  • Mediation in a procedure for residence regulation of foreign citizens meaning working permits;
  • Technical assistance and services in the search and selection of staff.


Finance has always been a tricky segment of every business. Even if you have a great concept and excellent services, but still don’t manage your finances correctly, you can lose it all. That is why we created our Finance department – to help you ease off your work, having all of this done by our team of experts in the field.

From market and stock analysis, trough planning and registration of money flow, till lowing your costs, while at the same time preserving or even bettering the quality of your products and services – just name it. We are the ones that will offer you the best solution for your dilemmas.

Our company offers the following finance services:
  • Market research and Feasibility studies;
  • Franchise trading;
  • Investment Management;
  • Financial and Managerial accounting services;
  • Recruitment and Payroll services;
  • Tax advisory;
  • Projects and Investment valuation.


The market can be a tricky place when it comes to introducing new products and services. That is why we are here – to use our knowledge and experience, using modern methods close to the consumers and customers.

Having a fresh approach and brand new ideas, our Marketing department knows how to find the best way to present the very best of you and your products and services. From creation of commercials, up till organizing, promoting and realization of events, promotions or PR campaigns, we are your best choice because we know what triggers everybody’s interest and attention.

These are some of the services that we offer to you:
  • Publishing on www.medial.mk & www.post.mk, during transmission of the daily shows;
  • Organization of events and promotions;
  • Market research for implementation of new products, using modern methods;
  • Preparation of analyzes and reports for principal’s work (Portfolio of the legal subject);
  • Proposition and preparation of Marketing strategies;
  • Preparation and realization of PR campaigns.


We at www.medial.mk and www.post.mk do not surrender in front of any obstacles, but instead of it, we are the ones that listen, ask the right questions and thoroughly research the facts and truth in order to offer you both sides of every story.

Our Media department offers services that fit your needs and vision.  Other than covering the day to day news we are going a bit outside the box. Starting from PR activities, or if you need an original commercial that will represent best your product or even a voiceover with a catchy voice for your business – we are here for you.

Our diverse team includes experienced journalists and translators, media producers, filmmakers, graphic design and sound professionals with a background in television broadcast, documentary production and narrative filmmaking.

Using the latest multimedia technologies, we offer the following services:
  • Latest news and information, in country and abroad;
  • Advertising space on our two web-sites medial.mk and post.mk;
  • Original commercial video and audio ideas and solutions;
  • Voice synchronization and adaptation.


The IT department within VFV Consulting, optimizes the most valuable assets to deliver your purpose which will present excellent care for the customers. We support our customers worldwide with trend-setting products and custom software, Web or Mobile. We cover the entire IT service lifecycle, from strategy to implementation and operation.

We work with you to translate your classic approach of doing business into an effective e-business solution. By utilizing leading edge technology, we develop fast, robust, secure and cost-effective solutions, that brings our clients to the forefront of their industry.

Solutions & services:
  • Web applications development;
  • Mobile solutions;
  • Cloud infrastructure operations;
  • Graphic & Web design;
  • Security solutions;
  • Server platform solutions;
  • Data protection;
  • Storage management;
  • Virtualization.